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The number one benefit for me would have Vat receipt detail to provide customer in a proper way. This system really helps to take the headaches out of the daily process.

Tung Nguyen

“Customer satisfaction has always been The Nail Spa’s priority.” Because of always caring customers’ health so every strict standards of hygiene are followed.

The VDIT Beauty Salon system helps Tung to manage sales, run promotions and store customer contact details, which has helped The Nail Spa to successfully compete in a competitive market." It was of great importance to Tung that he had a system that could manage daily taking, date taking and staff performance.

Additionally, this system has loyalty module, which will allow them to reward regular customers with redeemable points for every purchase, which will help them to encourage return business and boost sales.


As The Nail Spa is based in a big shopping centre Bluewater very busy area and customers’ demanding also is high so customers always request to have a proper receipt after making a payment instead of a hand writing receipt.  They really also want to show in the receipt the VAT detail of the services they use as the prices in this area is quite high.