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What does EPOS stand for?

EPOS stands for Electronic Point of Sale. A point of sales system used for sales transactions via touch screen interface. Sales are recorded in real time allowing monitoring of all stock and giving full reporting and analysis of all purchases, best selling ranges, total products sold and revenue taken.


Why do I need a EPOS system if i already have a till register?

Any business can manage with a simple till register, but how much time do you actually spend adding receipts, counting stock, remembering prices, calculating taxes each day? A VDIT EPOS system can register every sale, product prices, stock levels & produce end of day reports so YOU have all the information you need to manage the business faster & efficiently. Our software enables stock level alerts with an automatic reordering service so you can maintain good levels of your best selling items.


How do I pick the right supplier?

Before you buy anything decide amongst yourselves what business problems you are needing solutions for? i.e. your requirements. On the requirements prioritise into must, need, and wish , and then turn this into a document to ask potential suppliers to respond to, called an it ( invitation to tender).


Decide what savings you can make & if these problems where overcome and set a budget to provide them.


How do I choose the right EPOS system?

You won not be the first person in your industry to have these issues so ask other retailers who they use for their system, does it work and would they recommend them.

This is better than wildly surfing the for suppliers as there are a lot of different providers out there with answers for different markets. Consider all factors, such as retail software, technical support, service after the sale, point of sale hardware, and integration with accounting packages or other business software you use.


Can I just purchase the software?

Yes, absolutely. We offer VDIT software only deals upon basic criteria. We need to ensure that our software is compatible with your hardware for a smooth integration. We recommend before ordering VDIT software to contact our technical support team to check that it meets the minimal requirements.


What happens if I want additional software features?

Not a problem! VDIT offers the most bespoke software tailoring. We know every business is different and you may want that extra feature to stay one step ahead of the competition. Please contact us on any specific requests and we will be happy to respond.


What about Warranty?


Every VDIT EPOS system is covered with 12 months free hardware support upon date of purchase unless specified.

If a customer has a hardware issue and chooses to send items back, you will glad to know our support team will be quick to replace any issues so you can resume business back to normal.


However, VDIT Services will not accept returned items in the following cases.

The item has been tampered with causing unnecessary damage.

Any modifications to the system that has been made by third parties.

The item has been misused.

It is out of the 12 month period.